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Always wanted the gear at your party to look like it could fall apart at any moment? Does your gig lack a certain element of messiness? Do you want to induce a feeling of suspense in your audience, whether or not the equipment will burst out in a shower of sparks before the end of the performance? I’m your man!

We can provide a small lighting system suitable for bands, performances or art installations in the Ghent, Belgium region. It nicely lights up venues sized for 50 to 150 people. The system includes custom built lasers, a LED wall that nearly falls apart, a hazer, LED pars, a strobe, and who knows what else is hidden under that pile of cables.

Pricing available upon request. Discounts are offered for nonprofit events and charities.


Apart from the products available through the software section of this website, we can provide custom coding for your projects. We specialise in live interaction between people and equipment. Want people send messages through your LED wall? Some live interaction between your kinetic sculpture and visitors? Have a laser projector project dicappropriate pictures drawn by the public on a building? A light show synchronised to live music played by a musician? Get in touch!

Custom laser art

We can provide custom laser shows and artwork for various applications. The content is provided in .ild (Ilda) or .rtd (LSX) files. We can do anything between simple static logos and multi-projector graphic shows synchronised to music.