A Processing library that allows the import, creation, editing and export of ilda-compliant files for laser show use. 


  • Load and write all Ilda format files into and from Processing! These files can be used in your favorite laser show program (LSX, Pangolin, Showtacle, LDS, …) or dropped onto an SD card for standalone projectors
  • Use the standard Processing functions: fill(), rect(), ellipse(), …
  • Also features text()
  • … and shape() for converting SVG files! This will allow you to convert Blender generated SVG files into an Ilda animation.
  • No real time laser output is officially supported, but the library comes with some examples to send frames in real time to LSX over the OSC protocol. LSX can then optimise the frames and output to the projector in real time!

This library is still unfinished. There is some work left to do on optimisation algorithms and clipping. Therefore, I have not yet officially released the library for inclusion into the Processing IDE. 


(x) Read ILDA files (all formats)
(x) Write ILDA files (all formats)
(x) Make custom renderer (extending PGraphics)
(x) Implement all applicable methods (vector based, pixel based methods such as get(), set(), fill(), … of course don’t make sense)
(x) Text (works, but some glyphs have missing and/or extra strokes… it’s readable, but unsure what causes the issue)
(x) Shape (using the default SVG implementation – not all SVG child types are supported however)
(x) Real time frame streaming to LSX via OSC (see examples)
( ) Proper clipping
( ) Optimisation: remove unnecessary points, add angle dwell points, add interpolation points, add blank <-> unblank transition points
( ) Settings file to share optimisation settings between sketches
( ) Make a shitton of examples
( ) Release as official library for Processing!


  • Install Processing
  • Locate your Processing sketch folder
  • Locate the “libraries” folder
  • Unzip the library┬áin this folder
  • Open the Processing IDE
  • That’s it!




Check the examples first.